Code Of Ethics

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Code of Ethics

The American Friesian Association (AFA) was organized to preserve and promote the purebred Friesian horse in America, to promote the Friesian Warmblood (Partbred) horse in America, and to serve the needs of the owners and breeders of these horses.  The AFA is committed to the breed standard of the purebred Friesian horse, as interpreted from the Friese Paarden Stamboek (FPS) with regard to the needs of American owners for a healthy, sound horse suitable for performance in the modern equestrian world.  Our goal is to maintain the quality, beauty, and uniqueness of the Friesian horse as it has been known throughout history.  The AFA is also committed to high standards of integrity, honesty, and fairness for all horses and members.

The AFA realizes that every situation conceivable may not be addressed by our original set of rules and regulations, and therefore members are called upon to use sound, moral, and fair judgments where registry rules and regulations may not be clear cut.  These situations will be dealt with as they arise, and the Board will act upon them, and govern each instance, always keeping the best interest of the horses, the registry, and the members first and foremost.  Where conflicts arise in satisfying the needs of all three, the AFA will act with the best interests of the Friesian horse and the Friesian Warmblood in mind.

The Board of the AFA will strive to follow the ethical guidelines below:

  • To set goals, objectives, and policy in a professional manner.
  • To conduct all business in an honest, sincere, positive, and timely manner.
  • To act honestly and openly with all AFA members and the general public.
  • To promote the registry, as well as its horses and members.
  • To insure that the welfare, dignity, and humane treatment of all horses is upheld by all members, owners, riders, handlers, and others who come in contact in any way with the Friesian and Friesian Warmblood.
  • To promote and encourage, to and by all members, ethical behavior, honesty, good sportsmanship, and kindness to animals as well as human members.
  • To hear, arbitrate, judge and rule in a fair and ethical manner, all situations that require mediation that involves the registry rules and regulations.
  • To avoid any actions which may discredit the registry, its horses, or its members.

To encourage and demand honesty and integrity from our members, and to provide sanctions and censorship in response to measures that fall beneath this standard