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Bauke Van Bourboom: (aka Patriot) 

Dark Horse Farm proudly presents Bauke Van Bourboom, or Patriot, as he's known
around the farm. He stands 16.2 hands. His sire is Jasper, a 2000 FPS/FHANA
Registered Friesian Stallion Sire, who is ranked #1 in Holland for movement on
offspring, and his Dams Sire is Jurjen, who is recognized for the huge
movement and big extensions he passes on to his offspring. It is with great
HONOR that Patriot will be standing at stud to the public for 2007. His huge
movement, great extensions, warm character and breathtaking beauty make him a
fairy tale come true! Friesians always put a strong and recognizable stamp on
any breed they are crossed with, and it is usually the hair - and lots of it -
a kind disposition, big powerful movement, substance, size, bone, and presence
that get passed on. They impart their "look at me" attitude, and their
willingness to be a noble and proud partner.
Dark Horse Farm offers live cover, cooled shipped semen as well as artificial insemination, and a
live foal guarantee. For more information, contact Danene Howard at 117 Allen
Farm Ln., Mocksville NC 27028, call (336) 998-6493 or (336) 624-3609, or e-mail us






Hertog Jan v.d. Paddensteeg: (aka Jan) 

Jan is a 2002 imported son of multiple FPS Champion approved
stallion, Brandus 345. He scored a 1st premium at his keuring in the Netherlands and
is a perfect example of the Friesian breed. Jan is of Baroque type, stands 16.2 hands, and has a tremendous amount of hair and feathers.  He has excellent movement and suspension, and holds great promise as
a dressage mount. This amazingly beautiful stallion has an excellent work ethic, is intelligent, loving and extremely mild mannered. His first foal crop (2006) was proof that Jan has very strong genetics ~ He stamped his babies hard with Friesian characteristics and personality! To see photos of some of his '06 foals and to find out more about this impressive young stallion please visit our website!


2007 Fee $650 LFG  Cooled Semen and On Farm AI


Kadan Farms

4679 Wise Hill Rd  Billings, MO 65610                             

(417) 744-4151







Jilte is with out a doubt the most incredible Friesian stallion around. Imported in 2000 this horse posses the best temperament I have ever seen. He has no stallion behaviors and is a true gentleman where ever he goes. Jilte has an incredible pedigree with full papers including 15 preferents,  and an extremely low inbreeding coefficient of only 0.39%! He has completed his first show season (dressage) and what a success! Jilte tied for reserve champion at the USDF regional championships! He also received 2005 FRIESIAN DRESSAGE HORSE OF THE YEAR with USEF/IFSHA (International Friesian Show Horse Association) Jilte possesses 3 fabulous gaits earning scores of 9's in his canter with judges comments such as ''best canter they have ever seen on a Friesian!'' Combine all this talent with his wonderful personality and you have it all! Jilte has preformed across the country in the Friesian stallion Quadrilles and makes new friends where ever he goes, whether its is by waving, bowing and giving pony rides to the kids or awing the fans at Dressage shows he is a site to behold. Jilte is equally as skilled at driving. If you are looking for a Friesian stallion, look no further, Jilte is for you. Jilte is available to both purebred Friesian mares as well as mares of other breeds. See our website for more pictures and information on Jilte.  We have a full service reproductive facility on site for your convenience. Thank you for considering Jilte and have a Blessed day!

 Jilte holds his Premium Status with the AFA.






Photos by H. Rubin




Mick is a 1996 Friesian stallion by Lusde/ Bendert. Mick has incredible
presence, beautiful conformation, and best of all, an extremely loving and
affectionate personality. He is a dream Friesian in the flesh. Mick has the
total package: looks, talent, abundant hair, and a captivating presence that
demands attention. He loves hugs, scratches, and just being with people. Mick
has participated in equine events, expos, and exhibitions across the country,
including performing as the lead stallion in the Friesian quadrille at
Dressage at Devon in 2003, and taking part in the National Horse show for the
last 3 years. In February of this year, Mick began formal dressage training
and competition with Anne Rush. He has been shown successfully at training and
first level, and we look forward to watching his progress. He is truly
brilliant, and almost always learns something the first time it's shown to him.
Mick acquires an entourage wherever he goes, and enjoys the attention, back
rubs, and "cookies" that his fans give him. If you are in our area, please
feel free to come and visit Mick, but you must bring him a carrot. Mick is
owned by Rosa Peters and Sharon Spillers and stands at Friesian Fever Farm.

You can contact Sharon at P.O. Box 821, Palatka, Florida, 32178, call her at
386-916-0793 or 386-326-4415, or e-mail her at

Mick holds his Classic Status with the AFA







Three Tree Ranch is pleased to present Tearke's stud service for auction to
the American Friesian Association. This beautiful Friesian stallion is 16.1
hands high and has tons of personality and presence. Although Tearke is new to
the breeding circuit, he has thus far passed his wonderful personality on to
each one of his foals. Tearke has sensitivity, intelligence and a special aura
around him that sets him apart from other stallions. Tearke is such special
soul especially for a stallion. He aids his owner, Beth Gregelien, in ways
that are not common for any horse - let alone a stallion. Beth is disabled and
Tearke seems to takes her needs and abilities into account. He is easy to
handle even around mares in estrus and other stallions and is trained to help
her get on, either by standing very still by the mounting steps or by bowing
and lowering the saddle so that she can step on. One of his favorite behaviors
is to fetch items that Beth can't reach.
Beauty, conformation, ability, intelligence, connection and kindness are the
breeding goals at Three Tree Ranch. All horses, and especially Friesians, have
the ability to open up a human's heart to the joy of the world around them.
That special place where a horse and a human meet, the intensity of the
communication and connection, is almost beyond description, but that is what
we are reaching for, and perhaps what Tearke can help you find. Contact Beth

Tearke holds his Classic Status with the AFA


The Wizard

Wizard was born in 1999, he stands 16.2 hands, is baroque in build, of mare stam line 34. He is my buddy..... the big man of the farm. His sire is the imported in utero stallion, Klaas. Klaas is 3/4 brother to the approved stallion Jurjen. Klaas was shown extensively in English, Western, Dressage and Driving by his owner Barbara Cross, and was even used to patrol a beach on the Pacific bear Arroyo Grande, CA.

Klaas also participated in parades. He was an all-around stallion with the demeanor of a gelding, but he could put on a show when it was needed. Wizards dam Yellen S., a ster mare by Sander out of a Barteld daughter. Yellen too was owned by Barbara Cross and showed in English, Western Dressage and Driving. At eh 2000 Friesian Extravaganza she was shown while 10 months pregnant and won most of her classes!

The colt she produced that year became her first ster offspring, and she has since had a filly go ster and champion at a keuring. and has an outstanding filly going for ster this year. Wizard is the only purebred foal of Klaas, and the only offspring of these two parents. He is trained to ride and drive.

Wizard attended his first inspection with the AFA this year and was awarded the Inspection Champion!

For more information on The Wizard contact Toni Tidwell of T-N-T Sporthorses by email or view her website at

The Wizard holds his Classic Status with the AFA.









Xamy is a 1999 purebred registered Friesian from approved Dutch bloodlines,
sired by Bonne and out of Tijdbom by Daen. Owners of Xamy's foals comment on
their excellent temperaments and trainability, and they ask to breed back to
him or purchase his other foals because of the wonderful experiences they are
having with their own! In addition, owners and visitors are constantly
remarking on the good conformation and movement of his foals: their uphill
build, long sloping shoulders, and powerful hindquarters, all combined with a
noble, expressive head, and the beauty and presence that only a Friesian can
embody. That is truly a testament to a valuable sire!

Xamy is currently in training for dressage, combined training, and driving. He
has begun a successful show career under saddle, winning several championships
and winning or placing in every class he has entered! He has been shown in
Dressage, Halter/In-Hand classes, Hunter Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle &
Equitation. Xamy stands at stud for purebred or crossbred foals, live cover or
shipped cooled semen. The usual handling, mare care, veterinary, and/or
collection/shipment fees apply, and are not included in the auction stud fee.
More pictures and information about Xamy can be found at, and his owner, Jenny Majors, can be reached at
704-278-1840 or 704-798-0836, or at

Xamy holds his Classic Status with the AFA.