What is the American Friesian Association?


AFA Mission Statement:

The American Friesian Association (AFA) was organized  in 2004 by a group of Friesian enthusiasts who recognized the need for an American-based registry for purebred and partbred Friesian horses.  The AFA’s mission is to preserve and promote the purebred Friesian horse in America, to promote the Friesian Warmblood (Partbred) horse in America, and to serve the needs of the owners and breeders of these horses.  The AFA is committed to the breed standard of the purebred Friesian horse, as interpreted from the Friese Paarden Stamboek (FPS), and recognizes and encourages the breeding of sound, healthy horses suitable for performance in the modern equestrian world.  Our goal is to maintain the quality, beauty, and uniqueness of the Friesian horse as it has been known throughout history.  The AFA is also committed to high standards of integrity, honesty, and fairness for all horses and members.

Our mission is to embrace the breed standard set forth by the FPS, and to produce horses particularly suited for the classic disciplines of dressage, combined driving, and combined training.  The AFA recognizes the growth and popularity of the Friesian horse in other disciplines as well, specifically those recognized by the USEF Friesian Division, which, in addition to those previously mentioned, includes huntseat, western, saddleseat, and other specialty classes. Pursuant to this goal, we will strive to create the highest quality Friesian horses in the world, born and bred in the USA by adhering to the following principles:

 1)      Respectfully observe the model and the breed standard of the European studbook for the purebred Friesian horse.

  1. Maintain a studbook of purebreds that can provide DNA evidence or appropriate documentation of purebred heritage.
  2. Maintain a separate studbook for Friesian Warmbloods (Partbred Friesians).
  3. Offer quantitative inspections of all horses.  Horses will attain various status levels according to their scores for conformation and movement.
  4. Offer performance testing of all horses.  Horses will attain various status levels according to scores earned for their performance ability or abilities.

2)      Provide a registry by and for Americans.

  1. Supply clear and fair information for the inspection and grading process.
  2. Maintain unbiased, fairly conducted inspections that recognize a horse’s suitability for modern sport horse disciplines.
  3. Facilitate inspections by licensed judges who are familiar with the Friesian breed standard and the American equine sports disciplines.
  4. Embrace all animals of Friesian heritage, whether purebred, or a derivative.
  5. Provide clear, concise and timely communication to our members.
  6. Promote the American Friesian as a breed to be shared with others and enjoyed at public venues.

 3)      Create and maintain performance tracking mechanisms

  1. Tracking will be available for all show scores of stallions, mares, and their offspring, cross-referenced.
  2. Tracking will be available for inspection scores for all horses and their offspring, cross-referenced.
  3. DNA testing and tracking will be available for all Friesians and their derivatives, cross-referenced.

 4)      Create and implement Annual and Lifetime Awards in several disciplines and/or categories for all horses.

 5)      Promote and encourage understanding of the registry and its horses.

 6)      Act as public liaisons for promoting the AFA, the Friesian horse, and the Friesian Warmblood (Partbred Friesian).